The Garden of Chaos

A low-stakes weekly Fantasy Strike tournament based around following silly rulesets, run by Janet, with logos and general design by Danielizabeth Stretulch (who is awesome btw)!

To participate, use the signup and discord links from the navigation bar. To watch, use the stream link.

This week's tournament format is: Deck (Character antilock)

Single battle, best of 3, standard counterpick. Each character can only appear in one match in the tournament, including matches with custom movesets - if you run out of characters, you forfeit.

Thursday the 22nd of April at 20:00 GMT (20:00 UTC / 12:00 PT / 15:00 ET)

Commentated this week by: Janet and Danielizabeth!

Skill Coin Prizes (given to random participants, courtesy of ErickDRedd): Metal Unit, and Verlet Swing!

Click here for a record of past tournaments, along with links to the videos!