A bunch of self-description and self-promotion for any present or past commentators on Garden of Chaos.

Janet: (she/her) I'm just someone doing her best to be kind.
I started the Garden of Chaos, and have the following things to say: trans rights, black lives matter, and ACAB! :D
You can find me at on the fediverse, on matrix, or Janet#3389 on discord.
My FS mains are Degrey, Lum, and Midori, though I've previously also mained Valerie and Geiger, and dabbled in Jaina.

Danielizabeth Stretulch: (he/she) I'm a mathematician, punster, and (Sporatic) Fantasy Strike commentator.
Feel free to use Dan, Liz, or Beth or any other nickname you can find in my name.
You can find me as @DanielStretulch on Twitter, danielstretulch on twitch, and Daniel Stretulch on YouTube.
My FS mains are Geiger, Setsuki, and DeGrey. Jaina, Midori, and Rook are my secondaries.

Remy77077: find me under that name basically everywhere (including in FS).
I'm also known as "Agoners" for my pure gaming 'content' which is my website and I also run twitter, twitch & youtube under the name "Agoners" which all have a lot of FS content!
My current FS mains are: Grave, Midori and Geiger.

NEWTU: Its me. It's me. It's the K-i-n-g. Rockstar personality and unbreakable spirit with a penchant for Fantasy Strike. You know me and you damn sure love me.__Its pronounced 'New Two' but just 'Newt' is acceptable. I am THE Quince main who dabbles in a side of Geiger and Oni. Face me sometime if you dare.