The Rules

Fun Rules

The tournament will usually follow a format from the Formats page. Any match in the tournament may follow a ruleset from the Rulesets page, if the format requires it or the players agree to play under it. The rules of the ruleset are prioritised over the rules of the format, if they contradict, but usually a contradictory ruleset will be explicitly disallowed in the format.

Any failure to follow a ruleset constitutes a foul, and the player responsible must forfeit a single round if their opponent does not signal otherwise by immediately also committing a foul in response. For any rulesets that change each round, this counts as a new round.

Remember, the goal of this tournament is just some silly fun!

Boring Rules

The tournament is organised by Janet, who has the final say in enforcement of the tournament's rules. Others who help organise it should also be considered a tournament organiser for the purpose of the rules.

Players from any region may participate. Participants must join the Discord server and add all tournament organisers as a friend in Fantasy Strike for the purpose of streaming matches. Known troublemakers may be barred from tournaments at the organisers' discretion. Forms of troublemaking include repeated intentional rule-breaking and bigotry.

Scores should be reported via a text message of the form "@Janet Alice beats Brob 3:2". Note that in the case of a best of 3 single battle, this is the individual games won, and in the case of a best of 1 team battle, this is the number of characters won with.

Participants must check in during the 10 minutes preceding the tournament. For each round, participants will be notified of their next match, for which must have their opponent in their Fantasy Strike friends list. They will be told whether their match will be streamed. If anyone is not available for their match, they have 10 minutes to arrive before being considered to have forfeited the match if they checked in, else they will be assumed to have dropped out of the tournament.

If either player in a match considers the match unplayable due to connection quality, and either player is clearly at fault for this, that player will be considered to have forfeited the match. If neither is clearly at fault, a player will forfeit at random with a 50% chance of either.