Janet's Thoughts on How to Dice

Using dice:

Note that dice also "power up" your normals - you become safe from parries because the dice hit first, they can save you from cartwheeling into rook's gS (good ol' hitstun saving you from active frames, also you deal lots of damage), they mean that your nA into B does 3 damage and leaves you in a very strong position, they hugely power up your oki, and they give you psychological advantage in mixup situations because your opponent is scared!

Thanks to all of this, dice are absurdly powerful (they're quite probably one of the strongest things in the game), so having them out is ideal and often better value than jackpot! However, getting them out is usually higher risk than jackpot, and can be significantly negative value in some situations - they're more consistent, but jackpot has huge potential through fireworks and cakes, along with the chance to have powerful item setups for your current situation, so throwing out jackpots every so often even in circumstances where you could get out dice can potentially be of great value.

Setting up dice:

Each character's moves that can destroy grounded dice (note that dice can also be hit out of the air before they first land):

Additional random stuff:

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